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Import, Export & Online Shop:

  1. Zapro Corporation is import different types of product as per market demand. Currently we are importing medical devices, contraceptives, sports items, etc from Malaysia and China.
  2. As per international buyers we also export products from Bangladesh. We have own online shop.
  3. We are renowned agent of LPG (Auto Gas) operator and LPG Station Setup Machineries providers.

LPG (Auto Gas) Station Setup Machineries Supply:

Zapro Corporation is jointly working with renowned & leading LPG  service provider in Bangladesh. Its experience in the LPG industry made it pioneer in this sector. At present, it has services all over the country through its branches.

The company provides the following services:

  • Supply of LPG Filling Station equipment.
  • Manufacturing of LPG Dispenser.
  • Engineering Inspection & Testing services.
  • Fabrication of LPG storage package.
  • Industrial Products (Electric motor, air filter, packages of LPG conversion kits, generator spares)
  • Filling station management system.
  • Industrial solution like automation, engineering
  • Petrol/Octane/Diesel Dispenser, consultancy etc.
  • LPG conversion works.• Providing training on LPG & CNG conversion
  • Industrial pressure gauge and refueling station.
  • LPG Bottling plant.

LPG Auto Gas Station

We offer complete solution of LPG Auto Gas Station equipment on turnkey basis. Our offer compromises the complete range of equipment, consultancy, feasibility study and necessary guidelines approval of the project.

  1. LPG Auto Gas Storage Tank (Package From: Italy, Turkey, China & Germany)
  2. LPG Dispenser Package


LPG Conversion Kits

It has been collaborated with world famous Zavoli s.p.a, Italy for conversion of Petrol/Octane driven vehicle into LPG and also working as an exclusive distributor of Zavoli s.p.a, Italy make LPG conversion kits and accessories in Bangladesh.

  1. Sequential Type, Standard Type, 3 Wheeler Type, LPG Auto Tank


LPG (Auto Gas) Supply:

What is LP GAS?
Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LP Gas consists of a mixture of propane & butane used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment & vehicles.

Benefits of LPG
LPG : Available | Clean | Convenient | Efficient | Portable | Safe

LPG Suitable Ratio for Bangladesh Environment
Properties: Propane (C3) + Butane (C4) = Propane 30% & Butane 70%